09 September 2006

Band Review
riyl: sonic youth, the notwist, the flaming lips
words: dániel perlaky / photography: aubrey edwards

Appearing on stage with cardboard electric socket masks, the Octopus Project immediately strikes a gentle suspense into the hearts of all as anticipation swells. The confluence of digital and analog machinery stack on top of each other like the downtown tenement highrises of Warsaw bouncing holy sunrays down at a smiling populace ready to let it all go.
The feedback begins to wake from the amplifiers, all systems are ready, and the drumstick crashes down to set off one of the most blissfully overwhelming live shows one will ever see (or rather, feel) and the band leads a grinning audience to some mystical parallel universe.
The music can only be described as some kind of euphoric android orgy taking place in a field on some exotic planet whose sunsets display colours that we’ve never seen on Earth.

The trio of Toto Miranda, Josh Lambert, and Yvonne Lambert assembled their reckless creativity on top of an architecture built of opposing forces - digital vs. analog (or maybe analog making love to digital). Utilizing synthesizers, samplers, drum-machines, guitars, bass, live drums, a theremin, and loads of instruments with blinking LEDs and scraggly wiring that look like they were obtained from a Ukrainian space-program garage sale, the band saulders together elements of progressive post-rock, blippy experimental dance electronica, and the raw, noisy emotion of “human rock.”
After their formation in 2001 and their subsequent release of Identification Parade (2002 Peek-A-Boo Records), the band earned their stripes and battlewounds through exhaustive national tours that further enhanced their live shows and paved the way for One Ten Hundred Thousand Million, one of the best albums of 2005 (nationally speaking).
Currently, the band has been receiving more and more critical praise and have been diligently creating euphorias at bigger and bigger venues across the country making them one of the bands that represents human/machine-kind’s highest potential and expression. Following SXSW the band will kick off a 60-date US tour with stops at four music festivals (including the prestigious Coachella Festival), then will begin recording a third album for Peek-A-Boo Records this summer.
information: Band Website / Band Myspace

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