08 September 2006

Band Review
riyl: the modern lovers, pavement, elf power
words: si lin / photography: travis higdon

The first time I listened to Peel was like hopping aboard my own little space pod and soaring at light speed through an old school Atari video game setting, where millions of rainbow colored staccato splashes create a jubilant dance-a-thon in my head. Ding. Boom. Score. Did I mention this was drunk space pod driving?
Peel, a relatively young band made up of five member musicians as quirkily different as can be, exudes a little bit of that cute nerd rock appeal. They create delightful pop music that shares an experimental edge. Crafting meticulous metaphors and motives that reflect the lyrics of intelligent minds, they also seem to have a maturity in their instrumentation and musicianship that most collectives find difficult to attain. I’ll go ahead and mention that there are subtle influences of 60s and 70s guitar rock, but this band clearly has a unique visionary scope that stretches beyond such limitations of past sounds. Incorporating loose and harmonious vocals that occasionally explode into psychedelic, screaming freak-outs, electric guitar riffs, playful keyboards, roller coaster synthesizer effects, and the rhythmic jerking of pulsing bass and rumbling drums, Peel reverberates infectious melodies throughout. Having recently joined the ranks of Austin’s Peek-A-Boo Records, Peel will be releasing a full-length debut album in the near future. When that long awaited day comes, Peel will undoubtedly serve as one glorious soundtrack for your a pin ball game where the scoreboard will explode with lighting sparks as you yell “Victory!”
information: Band Website / Band Myspace

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